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Do-gooding is all around us. The problem is, most times we have no clue. It’s not like there’s a do-gooding news station, CNN-Do-Good keeping track on altruistic actions that benefit us all. But location-based services not only keep track of do-gooding, better yet, they facilitate it! Finding any point of interest near me to volunteer, recycle on anything else community related has become much easier with geo-location service apps proving that they can provide information value far beyond their conventional navigation uses.

While geo-services are great, the Holy Grail is consolidating them into one single app. There is nothing more frustrating than managing two or three apps at a time searching or tapping into similar things. For example, do-gooding is something you’re into, but you’re also into sunny bars that serve cold Heineken, pop-up dinner parties, and funky second-hand stores that sell polyester shirts with tiki-torches. That’s eclectic taste, and as such getting all that information onto one app is the challenge. But far from unsurmountable as the app well knows.

Do-gooding in many respects is not solely confined to those “socially-minded” folks in a given society. In fact, studies have demonstrated the replication effect that do-gooding tends to generate. People see others doing good, and they want to do the same. See it enough and that’s when a mass effect occurs. While this has and will continue to occur in person, taking it digital, or geo-local as likes to do, will serve to spread overall do-gooding in the most viral manner possible.

Nowadays searching out cool community-based, community-good activities to take part in is rough. Try searching …

Volunteer house building + this Saturday, the 4th + Jones Beach

The results are scattered at best, and the reason is information is still very much siloed. solves this by connecting private, public, commercial and crowdsourced data points according to the interests of the user and his/her community to arrive at timely results that yield services/offers unique to that person, and 100% geared at their interests.

Mobile devices with geo-location apps like help connect consumers to local businesses or community opportunities which can have a direct impact on society that goes farther beyond profit maximization -> The app solves a problem that matters.

A local business or any point of interest near me (a non-for profit organisation using a shared office space for a meeting) now has the possibility of not only having a tool to show their “existence” on a location, but also the tools to communicate their social impact in the local community. For example, a shop can sponsor a local soccer event with fresh apples to the teams or exchange the Samaritan tokens that a person has earned for his/her do-gooding for food in the store. A non-profit can engage the local community in a beach cleaning event or a litter pick-up campaign to keep their community beautiful.

So instead of reading about all the do-Gooding you can do, use the app, pick a point of interest near me, and start doing!