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Making your city better

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Like a breath of fresh air

There are few certainties in life – the sun will rise and set, we’ll all pass along at some point, and air pollution is negatively affecting us each and every day. While eradicating this nasty issue has proven complex, we can be smarter about where and when we chose to live, work and play.’s air pollution monitoring app does just this, providing timely pollution level alerts, in real-time and predicted, on an easy-to-read, virtual map of your current neighborhood.


Putting You in Control

Sounds like we might be over-promising a bit, but yes, with you are in control of the amount of pollution you’re exposed to. The app features location markers, “Gemies,” that can be pinned wherever – that flat you’re thinking of renting, your preferred park or supermarket, place of work, etc. You can personalize the map to alert you to which areas are pollution free and those to avoid. And best of all, will notify you when the air quality of your pinned places changes. For the first time ever, you’re now in complete control of the amount of pollution you’re exposed to.

Positively Impact Your World

While is highly personalized, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a good neighbor/friend/citizen at the same time. No mother would send their child off to a pre-school in a highly polluted area. And if you know that ahead of time, pinning “Gemies” on the map will not only help you, but alert others as well. Moreover, the app shares gathered data with city departments. This enables said departments to better regulate emissions, issue alerts, and take similar measures to ensure all residents and visitors are breathing the cleanest air possible.


Benefit Yourself, Inside & Out

We all want to look and feel our best. But achieving this is certainly easier said than done. While 100 sit-ups a day takes some effort, avoiding air pollution with does not.

Premature aging, wrinkling, sleeping poorly, these are all deleterious effects due to excess exposure to pollution. Being informed is the only way to control against pollution and will inform you how many days your skin has prematurely aged based on the pollution levels you encounter, or the impact on your sleep for example. Armed with this knowledge it will be a snap to maintain that radiant self all year long.

Real Information, Real Fast

Most cities of woefully underdeveloped in terms of their ability to assess air-quality. The assess wide and large, thus generating geographic assumptions that are macro in nature but not useful to you or me when choosing to head down a street with a newborn in search of frozen yogurt.

Pollution levels can vary widely street by street, so real-time, micro information is vita. To alleviate this, has developed the first wearable air-pollution sensor that measures pollutants at a street level, in real time. Scientifically and rigorously tested, gathered date is highly accurate and immediately sharable. Combined with satellite and the city’s own data, you not only get the big picture, but perhaps even more important the picture of what you’re seeing and breathing right before your eyes.


Science Doesn’t Lie

They say science doesn’t lie, rather people lie. However, you need people to interpret scientific conclusions and while we as people aren’t prone to lying, predicting what the air quality will be is not a walk in the park. defaults back to the data, and in conjunction with renowned U.K. non-profit institute, calls on an innovative model that culls historical, current, local, traffic and weather pattern data to arrive at estimated air pollution levels.

Thinking about going for run in the morning or out with your dog? First check our app (if it hasn’t told you already) and you might see that it would better to wait until the afternoon. The beauty of is it does the guess work for you. Your lungs and those of your kids will thank you, trust us.

Ready When You Are 

Android, IOS, PC, or Mac, the app is available in any format and works on your mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet. Tap into air pollution information and updates on your terms, when and where you want. And here’s the best part — it’s free!