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You have a dog and you want little Fido to have access to the best air possible. That makes you a wonderful owner by the way, so you make your way to buy an air purifier. The options are plentiful, but ever wonder if any of these units are smart?

By smart we aren’t referring to a purifier doing your kid’s calculus homework or weighing in on political matters. Rather, smart air purifiers let you keep track of the air quality in your home via a smartphone app. This information is provided in real time (on the app), and some apps even integrate air quality alerts. Contrast this with normal (less smart) purifiers, simply filtering away and not providing any information on the quality of the air it’s filtering. That’s sooo last decade.

The beauty of a smart purifier is we’ve solved half the equation. We know what’s in our surrounding air now, and the other half of said equation – taking the steps to eliminate it.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and carbon monoxide are gasses. The greatest sources of CO are cars, trucks and other vehicles or machinery that burn fossil fuels. Carbon monoxide then reacts with other pollutants in the air to form potentially harmful ground level ozone. In sunlight, VOCs react with nitrogen oxides emitted mainly from vehicles, power plants and industrial activities to form ozone, which in turn helps the formation of harmful, fine particulates. VOC concentrations are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. Figuring out why Fido has trouble breathing, whether the itching is due to pollution, these are issues that only be solved knowing exactly what the pollution levels are and where they’re concentrated.

If you’re worried about Fido, air quality in your office, inside or outside your child’s kindergarten, and you want it in real/-time, you need to supplement the work of your air purifier with our OO air pollution sensor wearable, the sensor app and the app.

Our sensor wearable captures and monitors air pollution such as VOCs and carbon monoxide in real-time, and the app displays air quality where you are right now. This is real-time information previously unattainable and the app shows the pollution data on a shared virtual map on the app, every place where the sensor goes.

Beyond Fido and your kid’s health, are you one of those who are obsessed with tracking your sleep? Well, if your sleep is poor, research shows pollution might be one, if not the, culprit. Via the app you see when (day or night) the air quality is better (or worse). The combination of an air purifier and an OO air pollution monitoring wearable is your best option for knowing why you have headaches, can’t sleep, the dog’s skin is irritable or yours is more wrinkled.

Knowledge about air pollution is key to make informed decisions on where to go, when to go, and where to live.