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You’ve landed somewhere new, ready to explore the city, so you naturally go online to visit City X Guide and it’s simply impossible to find quality information outside the usual museums, churches, market places etc. Here is where your trusty smartphone comes in. These smartphone helps you to find places to go near me. When asked how a phone can help you discover a new place and to find outdoor activities near me, most of us think of aimless Googling or Yelping. But if you wanted to find apps, for example, pointing you toward hidden gems tucked away in a given city, where do you go? Ever envision an app helping you to discover a new store and activities near me in your own neighborhood? Or finding a tucked away acoustic concert night at a restaurant on a Wednesday evening? is that app, ladies, and gentlemen. Users are interested in the here and now (coupled with museums, churches, and marketplaces). The difference – with the standards are there plus anything new and relevant. Users drop what’s called Gemies, which are markers for literally anything – bike shares, organic restaurants, places with wheelchair access, second-hand thrift shops, free giveaways, it’s endless. Couple all this with promotions from local businesses and plugging into a given neighborhood, no matter where you’re from is instantaneous. You become a local the minute you set foot in the said city! No one knows a city like the locals, but locals also love because visitors find and discover some truly awesome things to do near me that were previously unknown to locals themselves. Last weekend I had 3 girlfriends in town, asking me about the most worthwhile things to do and see in Helsinki. My first answer – as a local, I know of a ton, but let’s plug into and see what thousands of others have to say about stuff going on right now. The girls were not keen on the usual tourist things (museums, etc) but rather more quirky shops, sneaker vendors, funky cafes, art galleries and quite frankly things I needed to help orient us with. The generic Helsinki tourist app was not going to be an option for this crew. We had a blast, creating our own tour of Helsinki, hitting spots, events, pop-ups that I had never seen. And I live here! It’s a new world order, and geo-mapping in real-time is here to stay. Once you get a taste, you crave it, trust me!
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