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March 12th, 2018Geo-location app is launching with the objective of changing the way people, organizations and businesses interact with their respective communities. is a pioneer app-activist behind an innovative, free mobile experience for community mapping and crowdsourcing. Via the creation of Gemies (markers on the app’s virtual map), users follow and receive proximity-alerts surrounding relevant information (Info and Social Gemies) and ads (Promotion Gemies), all thanks to geo-location.

A basic version of the app was launched in July 2017 and the team spent the last seven months improving the UX and graphics while integrating a range of 3rd party open data. Users can now filter for and tap into community-centric information and events such as how to bike share, great organic restaurants, places with wheelchair access or local music festivals. The content is rich in this area and the team is constantly adding new categories to the list.

“The key differentiating factor with (as compared to other geo-location apps) is the focus is connecting the user to their local community with the end goal of creating a cohesive, community fabric like what one would ideally want in a sharing economy,” comments co-founder Magdalena Pawlowicz. “We’re a unique mash-up of an online market place, location based-ads, and cool, relevant content that is ideal for both city inhabitants and those visiting from out of town. Created literally by crowds of local people, visitors and businesses, we’re adamant believers that your own backyard is full of wonderful surprises and this app brings them back to the forefront.”

Real cases:

– The Mom with a 4-year-old who takes her child to the same local playground at 4PM every day and is looking for other families with similar age kids. – A group of guys seeking to get a soccer game together and they need more players. – Folks seeking to promote their products/services or weekend entrepreneurs selling second-hand items to those in the neighbourhood. – A local shop teasing its users with offers about their fresh, organically produced beans. – A voluntary organization putting on an event via geo-location to raise money and get new members. – The municipality communicating in winter months snow and ice conditions in real-time to community residents. uses Google for its map services complemented with an added social component. Geo-fencing is used to determine how close users are to a given point and to provide a more personalized user experience. One can SMS, email or call a person, company or brand that one follows within the app, and has been developed for IOS and Android coupled with a Browser version as well.

By 2021 the location-targeted portion of overall global mobile advertising spending is projected to reach billions (double digits) of dollars. seeks a share of that market but its business model will not be based on taking user data with which to bombard them with ads. is in the process of testing an alternative business model over the subsequent 6 months post-launch.

For app download, click these links:

For more information contact: Magdalena Pawlowicz Email: Phone: +358 407 403 525

1 BIA/Kelsey’s study About is a free, innovative geo-location app that allows people, organizations, municipalities and local businesses to share information and communicate seamlessly from the comfort of a smartphone. Spearheaded by three Danish co-creators, is an “app-activist,” seeking to change the very way residents and visitors of a community coalesce and communicate with the end goal of utilizing shared, open data to enrich community experiences. Adventure of Lifetime OU is the legal enterprise behind For more information: