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Geo-location tagging is wonderful technology, and one that is driving innovation in several areas. At its core, geo-location tagging is the process of adding geographic information surrounding digital content (latitude and longitude coordinates, physical names and/or other positional data). Once the location is tagged, a range of media – photos, images, videos, websites, blog posts or RSS feeds – can be easily displayed on an online map or cross-referenced with other information about that same area or location. This not only helps people to access timely information based on a location, but it can also be used to create location-based news and media feeds.

Currently, not one of the big Social Media platforms are built with location-based tagging smartly integrated. It’s their biggest weakness, and one that is going to be a major issue rather soon. For example, if you’re tweeting about a restaurant experience, you could tag that restaurant location to your post to let everyone know exactly where you are, so they know to check that place out. Or if you’re posting photos while on vacation, you could tag the specific hotel, resort or other venues to give people an idea of the places you’re visiting. But the big question – is this truly safe?

Birthday Surprise

According to a groundbreaking survey by a U.K. home security subsidiary of Honeywell, large Social media platforms are not safe at all. The survey interviewed convicted, ex-burglars who stated overwhelmingly (78 percent) that based on their experience social media platforms are used by thieves when targeting properties. You might be having a wonderful time in the Bahamas with your family on Facebook, and if you’re not careful with your privacy settings, thieves mining for that data know for a fact that the home is more than likely empty. on the other hand is designed for safety, as the app is less about “where I am, where I was, or where I checked in,” and more in line with sharing timely information that can be of use to others. The app is all about relevant, location-based information in a given community where the user can create their own information (social or promotion markers, known to us as “Gemies”) that are shared on the app, via sms, phone or email.

Want a fitting example? I just used recently to plan a friend’s birthday party. I asked her to download the app and on Tuesday to come downtown and check out the Geme marker I placed on the app’s virtual map. I let her know I wanted to shop for shoes with her on her birthday, but when she arrived to the Geme marker, it was a restaurant, where we were all waiting to surprise her. was a fun way to make her birthday memorable, and fun for us too!